Royce White wants the UFC heavyweight title and releases his book "MMA x NBA"



Royce White has just released his newest book, “MMA x NBA: A Critique of Modern Sport in America”, detailing his transition into the sport of mixed martial arts. He’s kept his training underground, but now he’s going public with it. “I’m coming for the UFC Heavyweight Crown.” White said when asked about his intentions in the sport. This announcement comes in tandem with a full explanation released in book format. There can be no question to his motivations, thoughts, and contextual considerations playing into the decision.


The book is written with A.J. Barker, contributor to The Last Renaissance, and published by The Last Renaissance Books. “MMA x NBA” isn’t just about Royce’s transition from basketball to mixed martial arts, it’s also a piercing treatise on sport itself. This is a dangerous book. You quickly realize reading it that it’s far bigger than the present moment in theme, scope, and consequence. It gets to the core of what sport is, what competition is. It lays out plainly how that manifests in society, and how that can be, and is, warped to anti-competitive ends. MMA x NBA is very much a first of its kind, bringing philosophy into sport in a way that’s reminiscent of the old Samurai treatises of 17th and 18th century Japan -- “The Book of Five Rings”; “Hagakure” -- but with a modern context and a more western, systematizing -style influence. One where thoughts are vetted, structures are investigated, and consequences are thoroughly drawn out.


The book goes into detail about the difference between American and European sports, how their institutional structures are different, and what that means to in-game product and player-owner, player-coach relations. It’s never a fantasy or theoretical speculation -- it pits its observations against existing structures and realities in other places in the world, grounding what it says and giving it a reverberating sense of clarity and relevance.

Royce is training out of the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy under Head Coach Greg Nelson.

Let the fight begin…

Royce White