China censorship demands



As reported in the New York Times, “a government directive” was sent to journalists in China with the following “topics to be ‘managed’”, among others:

•“Worse-than-expected data that could show the economy slowing.

•Local government debt risks.

•The impact of the trade war with the United States.

•Signs of declining consumer confidence.”

That just immediately strikes anyone with a shred of common sense as flagrant. We seem to be living in a time where people in power genuinely think reality is only what public narrative says reality is... That if we don’t report on negative news, then it’s like it didn’t even happen.

What nightmare are we living in?

This doesn’t need to be a specific shot at China -- are we not seeing this left and right in our own American atmosphere?

When will people learn that it’s better to deal with the unwanted truth in real time than incur the catastrophes of spiraled consequences years later?

We’re all just sick of it. We just want to know where we really stand. We don’t care how good or bad it makes you look. We’re all craving what’s real. We’re craving a #nofilter picture of life.

Who wouldn’t doubt for a second that internal memos in our political parties and news organizations likely go out with the exact same class of demands?

Until we start getting the bare naked truth, we’re only going to drive ourselves crazier and crazier.

All that being said, China’s increasingly totalitarian government should raise red flags in itself. We have to keep our eyes open to the reality of what’s going on over there.